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 Da Clan Rulez!!

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Elite Ken Warrior / Site Admin / DBL Leader

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Da Clan Rulez!! Empty
PostSubject: Da Clan Rulez!!   Da Clan Rulez!! Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 10:23 am

1.No Clan Hopin Or You Will Be Banned From DB!
2.Be Active On SFO And Da Forumz!
3.IF You Are Gona 2 Be Gone Let Me Know Plz!
4.Dont Start No Clan Warz Unless I Say So!
5.Have Fun! Cool Laughing Mad Shocked Very Happy Smile Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Exclamation Wink
6.Be Da Best Fighter U Can Be Or Better!
7.Thankz For Reminding Me Riptor.No Senitalz!!!! If So Im Kicking Ur Ass! Use Him Unless Dey Use Him.
Thank You

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Da Clan Rulez!!
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